BEYDUR TEKSTİL, was founded in İstanbul in 1990 with the aim of being one of the leading companies in the screen printing sector through its high-quality and innovative serving concept. With employing advanced technology and targeting customer satisfaction, in 2000 BEYDUR TEKSTIL was relocated new area with modern production facility with enclosed area of 6.000m2. BEYDUR TEKSTIL serves with the quality certificates which are requested by world’s leading brands with 18 automatic carousel machines, 15 digital printing machines and 4 frequency printing machines.

We use Matsui Inks which includes binders, pigments and water-based inks that are specifically designed for today’s manual and high speed automatic screen printing machines. The eco-friendly, PVC free 301 ECO-Seriesinks offer environmental and practical advantages over traditional plastisol inks currently being used in high volume textile shops.


BEYDUR TEKSTİL provides services to world- renowed leader companies which are determinants of trends in fashion. In this way, our company gives power to operate in quality protection creating a high-level service and quality standards with position that customers have. On the other hand, we also help in their branding process with feeling the excitement of the medium-sized firms working with creativity and loyalty.

Our vision which includes to be the best at what we do and facing the development of mutually cooperation and value-oriented customer relationships, improve our portfolio and add new values to our continious collaboration with market leaders such as Adidas, H&M, Puma, Nike, Reebok, Zara, C&A etc..

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